Established in 1988, funded by the French Government, Voice Theatre was born. Since then we have produced: national and international tours, 23 full-scale productions from original plays Birds on a Wire (four stars Edinburgh Festival) Legacy, Pushing Through to Noel Coward to American classics, Off-Broadway shows, numerous Spring reading series, 10-minute play festivals, and many more activities in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, the Middle East, and Poland. In addition, we have led free educational in-school workshops in New York City and the Hudson Valley and implemented adult classes and the Summer Youth Workshops in Woodstock, NY and New York City.

In 2015 Voice Theatre renovated the historic Byrdcliffe Theater in Woodstock, NY. Byrdcliffe Theater is now a 3-season venue for the Hudson Valley, allowing Voice Theatre to produce a main stage production every summer. Featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition, the Washington Post and Cune Press, Voice Theatre continues to pioneer theatre techniques intersecting voice with text to tell the human story. 

Voice Theatre’s first production in Paris was Family Cycles, a theatre piece for 30 actors. That same year, at La MAMA in New York City, Voice Theatre produced Pushing Through, a music theatre piece developed and performed by Palestinian and Israeli women. In this groundbreaking production, Palestinian and Israeli actors, for the first time, shared the same stage. Written and directed by Shauna Kanter, Pushing Though, (University of Nebraska Press) was a groundbreaking quest for dialogue in the Middle East.

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 Pushing Through written and directed by Shauna Kanter, at La MAMA in New York City
Pushing Through written and directed by Shauna Kanter, at La MAMA in New York City