Building that stage at our new venue! Bethany Hall at Old Dutch, 272 Wall Street, Kingston, NY

Voice Theatre ART by Yasmina Reza
ART is a poignant test of friendship. Crackling, cutting language reveals comic and tragic truths. Three tried and true friends discover how they see themselves and each other. The plot revolves around a white painting that one of them has bought for an exorbitant sum. The cast includes: Robert Langdon Lloyd as Marc, Neil Howard, (The Colony of Woodstock impresario) and John Gazzale as Yvan, last seen as George in Voice Theatre’s All My Sons. The production is directed by Shauna Kanter.
We are thrilled to be in our new, larger but still intimate venue in Kingston centrally located to shops, restaurants and parking. Pre-COVID we sold-out every show. The Skin of our Teeth and All My Sons played to completely sold-out houses.