Spring Reading Series

The Last Schwartz Spring Reading Series 2016. From left to right Sean Marrinan, Christa Trinler, Raymond Tomaselli, Ann Citron, Brett Owen, Rebecca Kisch, Jon Lee
The Last Schwartz by Deborah Zoe Laufer Spring Reading Series 2016. From left to right: Sean Marrinan, Christa Trinler, Raymond Tomaselli, Ann Citron, Brett Owen, Rebecca Kisch, and Jon Lee.


5th Annual Spring Reading Series – 2018 

Announcing a new venue
29 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY

7PM – Tickets: $10 – Cash only at the door
Reservations Strongly Suggested: 845.679.0154


May 3rd

The Shadow Child by Myra Slotnick, directed by Maryanne DiPalma

1967 Brooklyn.  Two generations in one family cope with the effects of World War II and the tragic loss of their young son. At the same time, their American daughter and her Brooklyn contemporaries seem unaffected by the past. 

Enter one beautiful young boy.  Could he be the shadow child of the one that was lost?  Could he be the key to understanding among these generations and to their liberation from the challenges of the past?


May 10th

The Birth Experiment written and directed by Wally Carbone

The famous writer and researcher Emile Cantor has dedicated his life to ending the misery of infertility. After years of trials and tests, he’s still haunted by experiments that have backfired. But that hasn’t stopped him. Recently, he believes he’s found that long sought discovery and enlists the help of another scientist, Marsha. Marsha raises questions about the ethical boundaries of Emile’s experiments. But when those experiments involve her body, moral questions become blurred. What follows is an unlikely, messy, enchanting relationship–a romantic comedy about loss, love, change and redemption.


May 17th

Women’s Minyan by Naomi Ragen, directed by Maryanne DiPalma

In her powerful and often emotional award-winning play Women’s Minyan (based on a true story), novelist and playwright Naomi Ragen explores the strict rules that govern the lives of Orthodox Jewish women, and in particular, how religious leaders can twist biblical and other holy writings to suit their objectives. Ragen sheds light on the subject of domestic abuse, especially when it occurs in a close-knit, patriarchal community that prefers to keep its dirty laundry hidden.