Wednesdays 6-8:30pm

Powerful rehearsal and performance tools increase your skills as an actor. The class emphasizes creating a character that is a believable, natural and spontaneous, actor preparation and freeing your actor’s instrument allowing you to trust yourself as an artist. You will work with theatre games, script analysis, monologues and scene study. Voice and physical theatre included.

Time: 6-8:30pm, Every Wednesday                                                   

Place: Alliance of Resident Theatres, 520 8th Avenue, NYC

Limited to 12 actors

Tuition: Monthly $160

Registration/Info: or 917.494.6273


Master Class directed by Shauna Kanter
REtzak directed by Shauna Kanter
VoiceTheatre 2021 Covid Creation

Voice Theatre’s 2021 Season

POPCORN  by Karen Gill
Direction by Shauna Kanter

FREE Pop-up Performances for the COVID era! Live theatre at local outdoor Farmer’s Markets.

Classes & Workshops

Online Adult Acting Classes Wednesdays 6-8pm (EST)
& Mondays 6-8pm (EST) beginning Feb. 8th

In person Adult Acting Classes UPSTATE begin Monday, Oct. 18th (COVID-19 permitting)

In person Adult Acting Classes MANHATTAN begin Wednesday, Oct. 20th (COVID-19 permitting)

Main Stage Productions

Stand-by for our 2022 Season Announcement